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About Us

Phoenix MEP is the mechanical, elecrtical and
plumbing business unit within Phoenix Merchants Ltd Group. Offering a wide range of Design, Development and Construction services with the expertise of our Architects and Engineers, construction firms and contractors from around the world.

With more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of markets between the UAE, France, Cyprus and Lebanon; Phoenix assures the most creative designs that could be implemented with no aws easing the work between the Design and Construction, to deliver the best outcome within the shortest period of time, minimum risks, and ensuring sustainable works.

We provide MEP service to consultants and contractors. Our experience ranges across multiple sectors, including high-rise/towers in the UAE, healthcare facilities, residential, education, retail, commercial and mixed-use projects. Our experienced team of engineers also engage in Outsourcing of MEP designing and related services. When we partner with consultants and contractors for outsourcing services, we follow a partner-centric approach where our partner takes the lead and we assist in the background. We help our partner complete the undertaken project in the most professional way,adapting to his drawing and design style by cooperating very closely with their team. Reference to outsourced projects are not used in any marketing material or future engagements to ensure the discretion & integrity of our