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MEP Outsourcing Services

Phoenix MEP is an accomplished organization that oers an A-Z service for Engineering and Construction consultancy for the designing. Our team of expert professionals is well aware of every latest software that is utilized to carry out the MEP Engineering.

The economics of construction businesses demand quick results with minimal investments. Outsourcing MEP designs ensures quality, optimized cost and data security while freeing up time to focus on core areas.

With expert engineers taking care of the design, the focus of the in-house engineers can be on their core areas. Outsourcing of MEP designs enables firms to undertake more projects, increasing revenues and profitability

MEP designs are crucial for the construction industry and important in design decision making, accurate documentation, cost estimation, construction planning, and facilities management. We oer highly skilled team of engineers for designing and planning that are up to date with the latest tools and standards . While training in-house engineers may require a lot of time and finance, outsourcing proves to be the most cost-eective and viable solution for project owners.


We are specialized in architectural design based on the limitations of each site. Creating optimized spatial experiences conducive to modern living. Our team listens to your needs and tailors a distinctive high-end project

Interior Design & Contracting

We provide comprehensive Interior design services for residential and commercial projects. We also handle the contracting phase to assure that the project is completed with the highest standards

IT Services

We are Lenovo partners, offering IT solutions & innovation and a wide range of infrastructure services for complex projects of any size, with logistic support & professional training.

Wood Trading

Wood trading & manufacturing in coordination with the interior design handling the pipeline from manufacturing to installation with great attention to details ensuring best wood & work quality